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Review of topics from Anderson


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From the topics above I think that I am most engaged when discussing how a place is ordered and bordered. I think this topic is particularly interesting because it deals with how our society seaperates things. Often the way things are seaperated feels silly or constructed, which is why I think it is an interesting topic. Looking at how we border and order gives a lot of insight into our own culture, for me in a way I had not previously noticed the world around me. I think that when looking at what is most useful to us however I would say the more-than-representational gives us the most insight and information. The basic idea of more than representational is that you are seeing everything; habits, conscious decisions, and everything in between. Lastly, the topic I feel is most confusing would be sense of place, locale and location. The definitions for these things are slightly more abstract than some of the others and for this reason it is harder for me to wrap my head around the ideas within these topics.


The topics that have caught my eye more and found interesting were culture, trace and place. It was hard to understand their differenced but once it's easy to identify which is which it becomes helpful when learning about our surroundings. These three topics along with the sense of place, locale and location could be useful. Not just those, learning and knowing how to carry out the research methods employed by cultural geographers is useful because it gives us more help in finding ideas and steps to conduct a study.
Knowing the difference between ordering, bordering, (b)ordering has been the most confusing for me.

Samantha Sanchez

The topics that i found to me most interesting are the topics of Culture, Place, and Power. Since most of these topics were very useful in the write ups of my field exercises, very few of the topics proved to be the least useful. I have to say that the most useful topics for me were the topics of ordering, bordering, (b)ordering , Trace, Power, and Normal, Novel, and Natural. One topic that still confuses me is the topic of Representational cultural geography and Nonrepresentational cultural geography.

Matt Herbert

One of the topics I enjoyed learning about was the concept of 'natural, normal, and novel.' I am currently a psychology major and I find it very interesting investigate why people do the things they do (social psychology). The field exercises we did for this class involved making many observations about what people do in certain places. I enjoyed identifying what actions/behaviors of the people in these places were natural, normal, and novel, and then tried to piece together and understand why these actions were this way. Learning the vast terminology of cultural geography will be helpful in my future studies!

Moana Gianotti

The most interesting topic to me was definitely the ordering and bordering, because much like Kiah, it really gives you an insight to how we and society categorize and separate things and who has power to determine the way we separate things. I think the most useful would be the representation, non-representational, and more-than-representational. I think that these are the most useful because it not only gives you insight on why other people do certain things but it also makes you think about why you do certain things and why it is important to you. I think after going over all of these subjects in class that none of them are too confusing, overall the most confusing to learn about, I think was the sense of place, locale, and location.

Rachel Rosenbaum

From our in class discussions, my interest in 'trace' has developed even more. I never thought about what we left behind in this way until talked about in class along with the readings. I believe this is also an extremely useful topic to discuss and make ourselves aware of, especially at this age when we have the current power to make a difference.

 McKenzie Brown

I find The concepts of power and resistance and transgression most interesting.
I think that all of these concepts are useful because they're applicable to daily life and interactions with others.
I don't really find any of these concepts confusing after our review day in class.

Halie Korff

I find the most interesting from this section to be Trace, just because having to observe the trace people leave is fascinating. Seeing how different people can instantly or maybe not at all change an environment is by far my favorite part of this class. Natural, Normal, and Novel are probably the most useful, just because some are social Q's and recognizing what should be done and what shouldn't. I don't believe I have quite gotten transition and resistance.

Jeanette Betancourt

The most important interesting topic for me was culture, because I really enjoyed learning about the different cultures in the world. Also another interesting topic was Trace because I never really payed attention to things being made after they could be used. It was also important to learn about power and how it relates to the actual life about people having the power to do things. I liked how the class would speak their opinions which made class more entertaining as well. And anyone could speak about their thoughts.

Emily Miller

The concept from this list that I found most interesting was natural, normal, and novel, because I feel like a lot of the time we just blindly accept or learn what is normal or novel without ever thinking that we are absorbing this information, and taking this information into account to help us decide what our behaviors will be in a particular place. I found the most useful topic to be representational and nonrepresentational traces of cultural geography. This is because I think it is very important and useful to be able to see if something is representing something, or if someone is intending for something to representational, or if it is nonrepresentational. I think I found transgression and resistance most confusing because I still am not quite sure what the difference is between being transgresive or being resistant.

Jonathon Watt

For me the most interesting topic on this list was ordering, bordering, and (b)ordering because of how they work together in every almost every setting.
I think that it helped the most for me when we went over Transgression and Resistance just cause at first they sounded to be the same when there was a little bit of a difference between each.
The one for me that was most confusing was talking about the different research methods, but I do feel that I have a better understanding of the concepts now.

Jiayue Wang

The most interesting concept is culture, depends on what people do and include material things.
The most useful concept is trace, such as finding a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something.
The most confusing point for me is the transgression and resistance, after discussion, I know that transgression was breaking or bending rules, while resistance was standing up to those rules, they are both complimentary and opposite.

Yifan Lu

I found the most interesting concepts were culture, power and place.
But I think the most useful thing is power. Power is considered as a power to influence others, to change what they do and where they do them. It always happened every time and every where.
And the most confusing thing I thought was transgression and resistance.


The concept I found most interesting was natural, normal, and novel because I am now able to use and observe these different things in society and it’s cool that I actually know about that stuff now.
The most useful I would say is power because everywhere you go there will always be power and that will be very clear.
The most confusing is transgression and resistance

Christian Hammerich

I found the the topics of natural, normal, and novel to be the most interesting because it is very much an opinion of the people around you if what you're doing is natural, normal, or novel. The most confusing for me is transgression and resistance. Agreeing with Alyssa, I would say the most useful would be place and power because it is everywhere.

John Stone

I was the most interested with the concepts of traces, senses of place, and scale. I think these concepts go together very nicely as well, since sense of place can be influenced by traces as well as the scale of the place. The most useful culture is probably the most useful, since every other concept is a part of our culture. I'm still confused on research methods.

Ana Bautista

The most interesting topic for me has to be the representational and non-representational. I never thought geography could be connected to this. The most difficult subject for me had to be the traces, I get that it is things that people leave behind, but it is a little hard to connect it all. The most useful would have to be culture.


The most interesting concept sense of place, locale and locationI never really thought about how a place can make me feel or the differences between locale and location, now the differences are very clear. The most useful for me is culture because culture is what makes who you are or who you want to be. The most confusing was transgression and resistance, I was not in class the day of this topic.

Grecia Diaz

The most useful would be culture because everyone uses that word but I feel people don't know the definition and now I know it. the most interesting for me would be ordering and bordering because I never really thought how in depth this really goes. The most confusing would be location and locale because I never quite understood them.

Peggy  Smith

I have become painfully aware of Place and the scale of Power. I largely ignored the amount of power that is imposed upon us. Don't do this, you must do that. like we are herd of cows in the wrong pasture. The powers that be make the rules of how we should utilize our sense of place. We pay taxes, and so we should have a say on how the capitalists choose to order and border our space. The city I live in has put labels at every corner of the downtown core with a list of activities that are disallowed. I know these rules are probably related to safety of the general public but the list of rules are growing. It seems that there is a lack of trust that people inherently know right from wrong.

Yazmin Hernandez

The concept which I found more interesting is the concept about sense of place, locale, and location. I had not really though about a place in these different ways. I just though of place as a location not the connection one may have towards this place. I can say that this concept was the most interesting but also most confusing because it was such a new concept. The other concept that I found the most confusing is representational, non-representational, and more-than-representational these concepts are complex and very confusing. They seem to be all the same but there is small differences. I feel that I need to review these topics more so that I can comprehend them more. Everything that I learned in this class this term was very interesting, I can say I learned a lot this term.

Moe Tobiyama

The topic I enjoyed learning the best was sense of place, locale, location. It was really interesting to compare my home town with other places with the perspective of these three categories. I noticed that these are very different by each places and I was so surprised that my national sense of place and local sense of place are very much different nevertheless those are same country.

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